What Are Stun Batons?

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We live in a dangerous world and for protection, stun batons are some of the most reliable and efficient methods of self protection on the market. They are ideal for women who want personal protection when walking or shopping at night. For men who fear a criminal might try and break into their home or for security guards looking for a non lethal way of handling thieves and robbers.

Before making a purchase you probably want to know, what are stun batons? Stun batons are hand held, portable devices that can be worn on the body or carried in a bag, ready to use when needed. When touched to someone's body, stun batons provides a high voltage electrical shock to a person, scrambling their bodies electrical system, causing pain and incapacitating them. When shocked, individuals will have trouble coordinating their muscles, lose their balance and may be temporarily paralyzed, making it easier to get away or to capture the criminal.

Though high voltage the ampage is low, meaning the attacker will not suffer permanent damage. Police officers often use stun batons because they work well when dealing with criminals in hand to hand combat, making them safer than guns and other weapons for the officer and help to quickly get a situation under control.

Thankfully, for those who don't have time to specifically target a part of the attacker's body, stun batons work on any area of the body and can even penetrate through clothing. Many attackers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they decide to make an assault. Since stun batons work on the muscles, they will still incapacitate someone who is under the influence. For those who are being attacked by several assailants at once, a fully charged set of batteries can give of dozens of shots. To ensure your stun baton is always ready when needed, the use of high quality 9-volt batteries is essential.

Your stun baton can even protect against assailants you might not be expecting. In larger cities and rural areas stun batons are increasingly being used to offer protection against out of control animals, it will work on rabid or aggressive dogs and other animals of similar size.

Operating a stun baton is a simple process that anyone can do. Simply attach the stun baton to your body for instant access. This can be done using a belt loop or a nylon holster, the nylon holster is preferred since it offers faster access in an emergency. Then simply grab the rubber handle and touch the other end to the assailant while pulling the trigger. Though the stun baton will work on any part of the body, the torso is ideal. Simply place against the torso and hold for 3 to 5 seconds.

The stun baton is designed so your assailant will not be able to grab it from you, if they grab the baton six inches from the tip, another shock will be send out. The wrist strap allows you to easily carry your baton in your hand if you sense danger is near or are traveling in an unsafe neighborhood.

When used correctly stun batons can save your life or family members. They are also affordable and safe to carry. With a stun baton by your side you can walk anywhere with ease.

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What Are Stun Batons?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30