Stun the Living Daylights Out of Him

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When Melissa went off to college her mom and dad were a little worried because their baby had never been away from home before. She had gone away from home to a summer camp for a week while in high school, but was never away for more than a week. She was their only child and they were always a little bit overprotective of her. Plus they thoroughly enjoyed having her around. Even though her school campus was reported as being very safe and was located in a safe part of town, her mom had asked her dad to get something with which she could protect herself if necessary. He found the perfect item, which was a stun gun. The mother didn't like the sound of the name but when she found out that a stun gun was simply an item about the size of a cell phone, and it was battery operated, she was extremely relieved. 

The thing could easily be carried in a purse or book bag, and if ever needed, their daughter could pull it out, flip the safety switch ("what a nice sounding name" thought the mom) and then press the button while touching the person's torso. The stun gun would then deliver 500,000 volts of electricity into the potential attacker, causing him to fall to the ground, and he would be incapacitated for 30 minutes or so. This would give their daughter a chance to get away quickly and safely. The stun gun doesn't cause any long term or permanent harm, and it is actually a very humane way to defend oneself. 

The dad showed the daughter just exactly how to use the stun gun and the mother intently watched. The item was really impressive, and it made a crackling sound that was almost a bit scary, but they all figured that she really needed to have it just in case disaster were to ever strike. The mother told the daughter that she hoped that carrying this thing around would make her feel safe, and also give her a certain sense of security and peace of mind. The mother further added, "Honey, I really Hope that you never, ever need to use this thing, but IF anyone ever tries to hurt you or attack you, Stun the living daylights out of him!"

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Stun the Living Daylights Out of Him

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This article was published on 2010/04/03