Stun Batons - What You Need to Know!

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So after searching online for a good self defense weapon, you finally came to the realization that stun guns and pepper spray were not your style.

While searching however you came across a wonderful little toy you know fits you perfectly; stun batons.

Stun batons are becoming more and more popular. Think about it, would you rather have a 4 inch stun gun or a 2 foot stun baton? I am pretty sure you would choose the latter.

I have several different self defense weapons in my home and the one I always reach for when I hear that crazy 2 am noise is the good ol' fashioned stun baton.

Another thing I think you should know is the wide variety of stun batons there are on the market. There are some that extend longer than others and then there are ones that produce a bigger jolt.

When picking your weapon make sure you pick something that is good for you. You want the right fit if you will. The one thing you want to avoid is being sold stun batons or self defense weapons that don't fit your needs. Make sure you do a little research before making some crazy purchases. I just really don't want your wife or husband e-mailing me about a $5,000 stun baton they bought because I told them to do so. Just giving you a heads up.

The last thing we can chat about is the price. The price ranges anywhere from $50.00 all the way up into the $100's. I'm sure you have heard this a million times but you get what you pay for. Spend a little and get a little, spend a lot and get a lot. Blah blah blah.

So, with all that information above you should now have an idea as to what your looking for and what you will need. Keep in mind that the reason you read this was because you want and need to feel safe.

Well make sure you keep safe and remember, if your gonna go out and get a weapon, don't get something stupid, get those stun batons.

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I know this may sound really crazy but I just found out some surprisingly "secret" information I know you are gonna love. Yes it is about stun batons but who cares, since your reading this your curious anyway. You know what to do. Crazy stun batons!

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Stun Batons - What You Need to Know!

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This article was published on 2010/03/30