Stun Batons - How a Stun Baton Saved Betty From the Bad Guy

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Nobody likes to imagine themselves in a situation in which they could be attacked or harmed in some way. But the truth is that if you imagine yourself in situations where you could be facing serious consequences to your health and well being, you learn the seriousness of the risks involved and you can take preventative action. Take the case of Betty, and see all of the ways that a stun baton could save her from a dangerous encounter with a criminal.

Betty was a jogger, and loved to take long runs through dark parks late at night. She kept on hearing on the news how women and even men were being attacked in that park  The dark setting and the solitude made it the ideal place for someone to strike. So the next time she went on her run, she took the new stun baton that she purchased.

Easily accessible and foolproof to use, if anyone tried to attack Betty she could have the baton ready to go in no time. Working in just a few seconds or less, she could quickly escape to safety. Even better, with the flashlight feature that many stun batons come with, she could shine a light around dark corners or behind trees as she ran to ensure nobody was lying in wait.

Betty worked strange hours at her job, and often was stuck with the night shift. It's not that she necessarily worked in a bad part of town, it's just that where is there a good part of town at 11 PM or 2 in the morning when she would sometimes finally clock out? Her car was often one of the only cars left in the lot or garage she would park in at those times. In that kind of situation, there's no one around that could come to her aid.

Keeping her stun baton in her purse, Betty can now confidently stride into the parking garage no matter when she gets out of work. Stun batons are instinctive to use and are incredibly quick and easy. Even if someone attacked her and tried to avoid the damage of the stun baton, grabbing the side of the baton would only result in finishing the job for them. Betty could then quickly escape to her car, leave the scene and call the police.

Betty lived with her kids in a home, but hated the idea of having a gun around to try to keep her family safe. Can't that gun do more harm than good? Well with a stun baton, she can have a fantastic weapon against a burglar without having a deadly gun around the home that could harm her or her family.

These are just a few of the multitude of situations in which a stun baton could help Betty - or you - protect yourself from an attack, a robbery or any other kind of potential threat. You never know when somebody is going to get the idea to try to do something dangerous, which is why you should always be prepared to take action to protect yourself, especially with a stun baton.

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Stun Batons - How a Stun Baton Saved Betty From the Bad Guy

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This article was published on 2010/03/31