Self Defense Weapons - They Can Be Stunning in Operation and Looks

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Would you buy a Stun Gun that is red or blue? How about a pink cell phone stun gun. A Taser can have all those colors as well as silver. The Lipstick Pepper Spray will come in all those colors. Finally a Personal Alarm that comes in silver, block, pink, green, pink, blue and white. Maybe you would want one that has more than one color. Stunning would you say?

Yes these are self defense weapons that come in colors for your benefit. Criminals attempt to get the advantage over their victims by misleading or surprising them. Here is where you can turn the tables on them. Remember to always know ahead of time what you would do in a situation that might arise that could cause you harm. If you have someone accompanying you than do touch base with each other, in advance, so that you will act in unison.

Suppose you are walking through a shopping center parking lot and the thief approaches to rob you. How many people have you seen walking along talking on their cell phones? So if the cell phone at your ear or in your hand turns out to look like one but is really a stun gun you could do the surprising. Regular cell phones come in many colors and the guns available do really look like them.

In line with the above paragraph I recently read a story of a lady in Seattle who had a stun gun as she had to go to work in the early morning hours. She walked as it was not far from her apartment and she needed the exercise. She was accosted by a thief who demanded her money. She threw her purse on the ground past him. When he bent over to pick it up she used her stun gun and escaped. She called the police, on her regular cell phone, and he was caught.

The Taser in color could be used in a different thought in mind. You have a very strong defense weapon in your hand which is advantageous. That it is in a color, acting like camouflage, might cause an assailant to have second thoughts about attacking. He would be unsure of what you have in your hand. That second or two may give you time to escape or to plan what moves you need to defend yourself.

Lipsticks cases are normally colorful and you can see them used in many places. So the assailant does not expect to receive a blast of burning pepper spray when you had put him off to freshen up. The lipstick turns out to be a pepper spray canister. The time it takes him to recover from it's affect is when you run for safety.

Now the noisy Personal Alarms are in many colors for your personal taste. They actually cost little enough, usually, to have more than one to match your outfit. They are worn on the belt or on a key chain. Their use is to make lots of noise and attract attention to bring you help or to scare the assailant off. Crooks do not like noise or lights and many personal alarms have both. In addition a healthy scream is not out of order .

So you can look smart and be smart. Just always remember that most self defense weapons are to be used with the idea that you are trying to get enough time to get away. This is not like the movies where you want to sneer down at your attacker. If you have high heels or boots that slow you down leave them there or carry them. Get to a place that has people around and call the police.

Remember to be Aware and Alert Always.

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Self Defense Weapons - They Can Be Stunning in Operation and Looks

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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