It May Be a Runt But it Is Very Stunning

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Even if you live in a little, out of the way city these days, safety is a concern. How many news stories have you seen lately that feature a small, quiet community where things like this never happen around here but you hear about a kidnapping, rape or serious home invasion?

Self defense classes and other solutions have been suggested, and some of these suggestions are first-rate ones. In the interim, however, there is an affordable, easy to use, practical tool on the market to guard you right now.

You're at the ATM in the early evening. It's a peaceful evening and you live in a quiet, small town. Out of nowhere, someone comes up behind you, jerks your arm behind your back and demands all your cash. How do you get out of this kind of circumstances?

If you had the Runt Mini Stun Gun with you, there would be no question what would be your next move. Since you still have one hand free, you could enthusiastically use all of its 950,000 volts to stun your attacker until you could get away or call the police or both.

The Runt Mini Stun Gun-R is always standing by to use because it's rechargeable. In addition, it is compact; you can pull it out of your pocket, keep it in your hand while walking alone or pull it out of its convenient free holster quickly.

With 950,000 volts of stopping power, you don't have to worry about your mugger getting very far. It may be in name, called the Runt Mini Stun Gun, but it has teeth like the full-size dogs.

The Runt Mini Stun Gun is effective, affordable easy to use, and a must for personal security. Do not let yourself be caught off guard or without a full 950000 volts of protection.

The Runt Stun Gun is discreet, and compact making it easy to conceal and easy to use. The Runt Stun Gun will ward off an mugger by stopping him until you are able to call police or get away.

Simply perfect for women on the go! A wise investment for your personal protection, be sure to keep The Runt in your purse or pocket so you can face the world in total confidence!

Don't become a victim. Stand strong anytime and anywhere with this mini stun gun that won't let you down. Protect yourself with the Runt Mini Stun Gun.

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It May Be a Runt But it Is Very Stunning

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This article was published on 2010/03/29