Advantages Of Stun Batons - Safety And Length Are The Keys

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Stun batons are a weapon of choice among security guards and other people who prefer a bit of distance between themselves and a potential assailant. A long weapon allows you to attack your would-be attacker before he has the chance to attack you, and the extra reach keeps you at a safe distance while still packing a considerable punch with the stun gun. Therefore, the two main advantages to using stun batons are length and power, which are two things you need when defending yourself from an attacker. These stun weapons can stop someone before they hurt you.

The power is a big drawing point to owning a stun baton. Being back at a distance and still being able to deliver a 300,000 to 1 million volt charge is very attractive to most people. Some stun batons come with disable pins hidden in the wrist band to prevent an attacker from turning the tables on you if they somehow disarm you. Just a few seconds of contact is all you need to incapacitate an attacker and that will give you the precious minutes you need to get to safety and call for help.

The length is another key asset of the stun baton. As touched on before, the baton gives you several inches of length--over a foot and a half in some cases-between you and your assailant. This allows you to stun your attacker at a distance and give you a head start on making your way to safety. It's also a benefit to security guards who may want to keep a safe distance between themselves and an unruly person if a situation escalates. They're also great for stunning aggressive dogs to prevent them from biting or severely injuring you.

A stun baton may also be a triple threat. Not only does it provide you with the stunning power needed to temporarily render an attacker powerless, but it can also be used as an actual clubbing baton if you need to use it as an attacking weapon. A third feature that many stun batons have is an extra shocking mechanism on the shaft of the weapon. What this does is give off a shock to an attacker who tries to grab the baton in an attempt to take it away from you. The attacker can try to take the baton, but he'll pay a heavy price for doing so.
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Advantages Of Stun Batons - Safety And Length Are The Keys

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This article was published on 2010/12/14