A Technology Break Through in Self Defense Weapons

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There have been a lot of useful technological advancements in the past years; from the technology masterminds we have cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, etc. Undeniably, most of us indulge in the convenience and entertainment these gadgets provide. It's just saddening to think that we invest loads of money to be able to buy these things but we fail to consider other more important factors such as security.

Although I'm techie myself, having the latest mobile phone, coolest laptop and a top of the line MP3 player, I always make it a point to look in to the latest security devices.

Being a girl in this chaotic world is totally risky, that's why I own two cell phones. One is primarily for communication and the other one is a cell phone stun gun for protection from unwanted goons.

The cell phone stun gun comes in different styles and voltages. The amazing thing about these devices they have totally broken the pattern of the traditional big bulky stun guns. This small size self defense weapon allows a woman to be in control of their defenses while being totally fashionable.

When faced with an attacker the worst thing to do is loose your cool or telegraph your plan. Most assailants will see a bigger stun gun coming toward them a mile away, thus taking away the element of surprise. Or worse, the bigger stun guns can create the risk of getting caught on something inside your purse at the very moment you need it.

The cell phone stun gun is very authentic and discreet, you can walk around with it your hand and no one would even notice.

Using a cell phone stun gun is quite simple. You should hold its electrodes firmly into a muscular area of an attacker; usually the area between the arm pit and waist is optimal. If this area is not accessible as an alternative, the shoulders, thighs or buttocks can be stunned.

These devices are designed so if you are stunning someone, you will not feel any shock coming from it. To completely take away the ability of an attacker to move, you should apply it on the attacker for 15 to 20 seconds. With this the attacker becomes immobile for some time. Note, you need more time if your voltage is low or if your attacker is big.

You never know when someone will attack you. More over I keep in mind that these assailants may not be after me but more interested in my cool gadgets and other material possessions.

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A Technology Break Through in Self Defense Weapons

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This article was published on 2010/03/27